Please keep it friendly and PG.


We're pretty laid back, but for full disclosure here are the stages we go through when necessary:

  1. Warning (and purge, depending on the situation)
  2. 15-minute timeout
  3. 24-hour timeout
  4. (Done by broadcaster only) Permaban

Note: Some stages may be skipped in extreme situations.


Cheer bits to have enemies or items appear on-stream!

Morth: 1 bit
Pot (small): 20 bits
Pot (large): 25 bits

If the amount you cheer is not the exact value of one of the items above, randomly-chosen items will appear, adding up to the amount you cheered, with at least one item of the highest value less than your cheer amount. For example, if you cheer 24 bits, you'll see one small pot (worth 20 bits) and four morths (worth 4 bits); or if you cheer 100 bits, you might see one large pot (worth 25 bits), two small pots (worth 40 bits), and 35 morths (worth 35 bits).

Additionally, you can redeem rewards by specifying what to redeem.

Special on-stream sounds play for the following amounts:

>= 100
Get small item
>= 250
Get large item
>= 500
Get heart piece
>= 1000
Get orb
>= 5000
Get Master Sword


BotTomOfTheWell: Hi! I'm a bot: Tom, of the Well. Pleased to meet you!
TheFairyNavi: Hello!

BotTomOfTheWell takes care of all the little details that make the stream go smoothly. TheFairyNavi tries to help out and... well, she tries.


The following categories of commands are available. (Sub-only commands are listed under Subscriber Benefits). There might also be some little Easter eggs hidden...

Identity Management

Some commands get rather complex. See the Overview and Documentation Reference for high-level information.