Commands: Identity Management (!identity)


An identity is the bot's concept of a viewer. Each identity can be associated with one or more service-specific display names (e.g. the bot knows that the streamer is referred to on Twitch [the service] as SwirlyEyedLink [the display name]). This concept comes in handy, for example, when needing to keep straight who's who between Twitch chat and in-game, since a viewer might have a different display name for each.

A service may be "connected" or "unconnected". A connected service provides its own display names to the bot, and therefore the bot disallows updating display names for those services. An unconnected service must have display names provided to the bot manually, as it has no other way to retrieve them.

Services currently recognized:


Available to Moderators

!identity aka {2..5}<[service:]name>
Associates an identity with additional name(s). At least one of the <service:name> combinations specified must already exist and be current, allowing identification of the identity with which to associate the other combinations.
!identity aka Twitch:SwirlyEyedLink Switch:SELink
!identity create <service:name>
Creates an identity for <name> associated with <service>. Only unconnected services may be specified. Caution: Only use this command for someone who does not have a connected service name already known to the bot.
!identity create Switch:Squidding