Watch me on Twitch, and play with us when I'm streaming a multiplayer game (see when my next stream is).

Sand of Hours

Earn Sand of Hours (Channel Points) by watching the stream, and redeem them for various rewards, such as unlocking emotes or highlighting a message. See Rewards for more.



At the end of the stream, I'll roll credits. If you participated in the stream (chatting, playing, following, cheering, subscribing, etc.), your name will appear!


Your name appears on-stream when you follow, cheer 5+ bits, subscribe, gift a subscription non-anonymously, or raid. (In some situations, notifications may be disabled, or the requirements changed.)


Each month, the 5 most loyal viewers (based on total time watched the previous month) will be granted a VIP badge for that month.


  1. You must be present in chat (so the bot can track your loyalty).
  2. You must chat at least occasionally (no point giving a badge that will never be seen!).
  3. If you are timed-out in chat while possessing a VIP badge, the badge will be removed for the remainder of that month.

Phantom Hourglass

Fill the Phantom Hourglass completely to extend the stream time by at least 25 minutes! Multiple people can contribute to filling the Hourglass. The Hourglass can fill only once per stream; any partial fill or overfill carries over to the next stream in the same series. See "Hourglass: Fill" in Rewards below for how to fill. (Due to schedule concerns or other reasons, occasionally streams may disallow extending stream time, in which case filling the Phantom Hourglass will extend the time of a future stream.)