Many of my streams are focused on playing multiplayer games together. Come on in, the water's fine!


First Time?

Send me a friend request and let me know once you have! (Type !fc for Switch or !nnid for Wii U to know where to send it.)

The Basics

  1. Ready to play? Type !ready; when told to do so, join the room.
  2. Time to leave, or unavailable even briefly? Type !unready.
  3. We play many modes and mini-games. Rules not clear? Just ask!

More Advanced

  1. Want to play with anyone hosting, rather than waiting on the streamer? Type !play room any. Make sure to send a friend request to those hosting first. (Change your mind? Type !play room main to play only with the streamer.)
  2. Hate the current mode? Type !play mode no and you'll never be selected for it again. (Change your mind? Type !play mode yes.)


  1. Follow the rules of the mode.
  2. Play the objective.
  3. Don't afk.
  4. No need to ready for each match; you stay readied until you unready.


Find the rules we follow for various modes in the games listed below. (Note: This is currently incomplete.)


Splatoon 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


If you break the rules, here are the stages we go through:

  1. Warning
  2. Ban from playing the next 3 matches
  3. Ban from playing the rest of the stream

Note the following:


We sometimes have multiple open rooms. Hosting is by invitation only (unless you are a mod, in which case use !play room host if you're willing).

Room Management

Scenario Command Example Details
Stop hosting !play room unhost
List players in room !play room member list
Add player to room !play room take <player> !play room take BotTomOfTheWell
Remove player from room !play room kick <player> !play room kick TheFairyNavi
Empty room (all players) !play room empty
Empty room (unready players only) !play room empty unready

Before a Match

Scenario Command Example Details
Choose teams (standard match) !play select <mode> !play select TC See Games for list of modes.
Choose teams (custom match, e.g. restricting weapons) !play select <mode> no !play select RM no See Games for list of modes.
Chosen teams not usable (e.g. someone left) !play unselect Fix the problem (e.g. have them unready), then choose teams again.

After a Match

Scenario Command Example Details
Anyone not contribute? (DC, AFK, break rules) !play forfeit <player> <reason> !play forfeit TheFairyNavi flew away
Who won? !play won <team member> !play won BotTomOfTheWell Specify any player for the team that won.