Subscribers get the following benefits. All benefits except number of emotes are currently the same regardless of tier.


Just like certain theme parks, cut to the front of the line (once an hour) during multiplayer games with viewers! Just type "!sub play next" in chat (you must also "!ready", like normal).


The longer you subscribe, the stronger you become! Collect Pieces of Heart to fill your Heart Container over the course of a year:

Heart Container without any Piece of Heart
Months 1-2
Heart Container with one Piece of Heart
Months 3-5
Heart Container with two Pieces of Heart
Months 6-8
Heart Container with three Pieces of Heart
Months 9-11
Heart Container with all four Pieces of Heart
One year and longer


You have access to these emotes on Twitch and the Discord server.


Twitch Prime Pig Tosser (free with Twitch Prime)
Pig Tossing is one of the oldest games in Hyrule, enjoyed by young and old! Enjoy your 5 emotes.
Boko Stick Basher ($4.99 USD)
Your weapon of choice may not be pretty, but it gets the job done! Enjoy your 5 emotes.
Hero's Sword Holder ($9.99 USD)
Blades of grass await you, just begging to be cut! Enjoy your 6 emotes.
Wielder of the Master Sword ($24.99 USD)
You've paid a high price to make it this far, but now you hold the sword of legend in your hands! Enjoy your 7 emotes.